•  “Jonathan Hanna is a humble and devoted servant of God. He prayerfully leads our family with a balance of truth and grace. He is a man of integrity with a heart for God. Jonathan carefully researches and develops a strong Christian apologetic and delivers it well.”  
     Rebecca Hanna: Wife, Mother, OR Scrub Technician at Mercy Hospital in Washington, MO, and Undergrad Student at Liberty University
  •  "I am honored to be able to recommend Jonathan Hanna as a man who is committed to integrity and growing more and more into the man he was created to be. During the 6-7 years I have known him, I have watched him overcome various hindrances to his own authentic manhood, and I have been privileged to encourage him and witness his victories. He understands men, their struggles and their natures, and he is committed to offering encouragement and assistance where possible. For any who participate in his group, you may expect excellence and dignity as he leads you to pursue a path to spiritual and emotional health.”
      • Dr. Susan Murray(Ph.D University of Missouri) Columbia Women Wellness CenterColumbia, Missouri 
  • "It was my privilege to hear a well researched and effective presentation by Jonathan Hanna several years ago at First Baptist Church Centralia, MO. He is a fine communicator and his presentation was excellent!. He is a good apologist and strong defender of the evangelical Christian faith. I am certain God will richly bless his life and ministry."
      • Dr. Larry Lewis, Retired pastor, educator and former president of the Home Mission Board (now North American Mission Board) of the Southern Baptist Convention.Web site lllewis.net
  • "Jonathan Hanna loves the body of Christ. You see this when he speaks. He takes the time to put together good messages and seeks ways to communicate eternal truths effectively, so that audience members will both understand and take them home with them!"   
      • Michael R. Licona, Ph.D. in New Testament (University of Pretoria in South Africa)     Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University.  http://www.risenjesus.com
  • "Jonathan is a person who is always growing in many areas.  He is particularly well versed in apologetics and presents information in a patient and loving manner.  I have known him to come along side others and help them spiritually, especially through difficult times.  He is a committed husband and father who applies the Gospel to the day to day activities of life.  He would do well in the roll of a counselor or as a teacher in the classroom."
      • Roger Dowis: Retired, Volunteer, and member of The Crossing (Evangelical Presbyterian Church)  in Columbia, MO
  • "Jonathan is a committed follower of Jesus who is passionate about 'digging deep' into questions about faith and religion. He is an experienced group facilitator. Anyone who is involved in a group with Jonathan will be blessed!"   
      • Todd Pridemore: Food Bank Coordinator(M. Div. Central Baptist Seminary) Former Minister of Outreach for 10 years at Memorial Baptist Church Columbia, MO
  • "I’ve known Jonathan since I met him at a Dynamic Communicator’s Workshop. Since then we have had many conversations about various theological and apologetic issues. Throughout these conversations, one thing has become clear; and that is Jonathan is a person who cares very much about the contemporary challenges that face Christian theology and the life of the church itself. As one who has studied and is obviously passionate about teaching others through building relationships, Jonathan Hanna is one who I feel would be an asset to any local church ministry."     
      • Ian Kyle, M.A.R, M.Div, Currently pursuing Ph.D     Adjunct Professor of Apologetics for LU Online; Graduate Teaching Assistant for Dr. Kevin King