Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Pulpit and Pen and Other Related Sites

Overall, I do not put much stock in overly polemical sites like Pulpit and Pen (P&P) and their related breed. This, of course, does not mean everything they put out is incorrect. But, often enough, I think they are suspect enough to not put much stock in what they say unless another independent site verifies their findings, including issues dealing with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)

I am often a critic of the SBC when the data, reasonably interpreted, warrants it (e.g. see my recent open letter). Also, often, when private communication has been exhausted, then I will go public (depending on the issue) in conjunction with continuing private communication. But, this varies from situation to situation.

In short, the SBC is not above public scrutiny, but not in the general P&P like way. 

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