Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Stephen Robinson's Out of Context Quote on the Trinity

I respect and value Latter-Day Saint New Testament scholar Stephen Robinsons’ work and contributions to the ongoing dialogue between evangelicals and Mormons. This criticism that I offer does not call into question his other quotations, but it does call into question this particular incident.  

In his work, Are Mormon’s Christians?, Robinson writes about the Trinity:

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Follow-Up On My Podcast Interview

(Sorry about some of the format below. Google and Microsoft Word do not integrate very well when it comes to publishing. I adjusted the code the best I could.)

Recently, I was interviewed on TAG Your It! Apologetics podcast hosted by Dave Van Beeber and Adam C. (Ray Ray). Overall, it went well and I want to state my appreciation to Dave and Adam for inviting me on. It was my first Podcast interview so there were some pluses that I would do again, but there were some minuses that I learned from in order to do better in the future.  Also, I wanted to offer friendly corrections, additions, and rewording on some of the things that were either attributed about me or I said directly myself.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fideism No Longer a Viable Option. The Numbers Say It All.

A form of fideism

Regretfully, fideism (faith-only) and/or anti-intellectualism are no longer options for the church and the need for relational and rational Christian apologetics (1st Peter 3:15) is real, especially for college students, the more educated, and men.