Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Bible Answer Man's Perspective On Matthew 27:52-53

Hank Hanegraff, also known as the Bible Answer Man, does not know how to take this passage.  On a radio broadcast on Jan 16, 2013 he received the question, “What happened to those who were raised in Matthew 27:52-53?" [1] His answer was as follows:

If this is not apocalyptic language, and there are many biblical theologians that think it is apocalyptic and corresponds very well with what is being communicated in other genre’s and venue’s in respect to the death of significant human beings. If it is not apocalyptic language, they would be resurrected in the sense of resuscitation which is to say that they would die because there is a final resurrection and that resurrection takes place with Jesus appears a second time.

He goes onto say that many evangelical biblical scholars hold that this is not a literal event, but apocalyptic not interpreting the passage in a “wooden literal” way and that the rising of the saints passage has many “problems” to which makes it a very complicated text to exegete.  He ends this call by saying that he is going to have to look further into this conundrum and possibly write about his conclusions in the future.  The Bible Answer Man is broadcasted over 150 plus stations with mostly a lay audience. [2]

[1]   Accessed 10/10/2013.
[2]   (Information accessed 10/10/2013) I counted 158 stations, but put 150 plus in case there is some fluctuation in the number as stations are added or taken off.

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