Friday, February 25, 2011

Study time is in the distance

This quote came to mind the other day. It is very true right now that study time is very hard to come by. The quote is from Donald McCullough. He writes,

Study waits quietly, almost helplessly, like a doctor who can’t get near a victim because of the frantic activity surrounding the scene of the accident. So when I’m wise, I clear a way for study, protecting it in every way possible.

—Donald McCullough[1]

For me lately I have had to clear away many things in my life to obtain more study time. God, Wife, Kids come first then study. My job is incorporated in with that to combine theory and experience in the Psychology and Apologetics arena. TV, extended family time, leisure activites are down to a minimum, but only for a time. There will be other times, God willing, that study will go on the back burner. The importance of it will not go away though as it's apart of who I am.

[1] Maxie D. Dunnam, Gordon MacDonald and Donald W. McCullough, Mastering Personal Growth, Mastering ministry (Sisters, Or.: Multnomah; Christianity Today, 1992), 95.