Tuesday, April 20, 2010

He was close

Anthony Flew died at the beginning of this month according to the Time newspaper. He had been suffering from an ongoing disease. He is known for developing some good arguments against the existence of God that fell short of being compelling to the point of denouncing the existence of an all powerful, knowledgeable, loving God. It was the complexity of recent DNA models within molecular science, fine tuning in many spots in astrophysics such as gravity, and many others teleological observations that led him to realize that it is a very slim chance that such complex states of existence could come into being by mere chance. Flew did not go on in believing in the gospel message, but we can learn from his life that even if someone has turned so far from God they can turn around heading back toward Him. Hopefully, further than Flew (he might have professed his faith in the Son of Man in the end). My prayers go out to the Flew family in their time of mourning.

Consider the Reasons

Philemon 1:3.
Jonathan H.

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